We are a non-profit organization that supports Indian led ministries, to spread the word of God to some of the most unreached groups in India.

Our Mission

To accelerate the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ among the remaining least reached people of India.

Our Method

Identify, vet and partner with humble, accountable, Spirit-filled Indian servant leaders who have demonstrated their ability to lead ministries, that God is using to establish His Church among these least reached people groups in India.

Our Values

Our Organization

Because India is one of the most ethnically diverse mixes of cultures in the world offering dozens of languages and dialects, we feel that the most effective method of reaching the unreached people groups (UPGs) is through fellow Indians. Indian to Indian indigenous (Indians reaching Indians) ministry eliminates the language and cultural barriers that western missionaries typically need to overcome before they can even begin effective ministry.

God has raised up many, very effective Christian ministries in India led by humble, accountable, Spirit-filled, Evangelical Christian servant leaders that have demonstrated significant success in establishing churches, advancing the Gospel in India’s least reached areas.

Our Journey